About Us

VisitThem.org is a project of ChangeSprout Inc., a public benefit corporation based in Brooklyn. We're committed to furthering progressive causes worldwide by engineering better software tools. We built VisitThem.org to help the progressive community more easily connect with their elected representatives and hold them accountable.

All of our tools are rooted in the idea that people should drive movements even when they happen online. We believe that increasing member engagement and fostering leadership help to make the movements we support better and more robust.


We're five software engineers and digital organizers with team members in New York, Washington, DC, San Francisco and Buenos Aires.

Other Products

ControlShift  is a suite of tools that allow members to take the lead in running campaigns – from starting petitions, to holding events, to organizing local groups – with support from organizations that they know and trust.

We are proud to support the work of some of the most effective progressive advocacy organizations in twenty countries around the word.

Email talk@visitthem.org to get in touch.