Create campaigns with specific asks

Visiting the local offices of elected officials or attending a town hall is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate grassroots support for your organization's issues. With VisitThem.org, progressive advocacy organizations can create customized campaigns asking your supporters to visit their Members of Congress on specific issues. For each campaign, you can:

  • Choose who and where you want your organization’s members to visit: senators, representatives, or both, and at district offices and / or town hall meetings.
  • Create a dedicated lookup page for the campaign, with a campaign specific URL.
  • Customize text content for the campaign – like specific instructions, personalized emails, and tailored tips for successful visits

Once you’ve created a campaign, you can start sending your members to the campaign’s lookup page, where they can find offices and events near them. They can then commit to visit at a specific time, invite their friends, and allow others to join them. After the visit, they are prompted to report back on their experience.

As the campaign progresses, you’ll be able to track the visits created and members attending. When the campaign is complete, you’ll have built a list of some of your most committed supporters.